A Movie Opportunity

“…..which is how I ended up meeting Dr David Perlmutter…..”

“…..long distance running had the potential of being very detrimental to my health…..”

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My grandfather with the Olympic torch in 1952

In 1952 my grandfather had qualified for the Olympic marathon to be held in Helsinki, Finland.

When I saw my own running ability improving at a very consistent rate in 2013, I set myself a huge task of aiming to match or break my grandfather’s best marathon time.

The opportunity arose to start making a documentary movie about my new adventure, which is how I ended up meeting Dr David Perlmutter at his home in Florida, late 2013.

Dr Perlmutter’s view on how the ketogenic diet affects human performance, would be a cornerstone of the movie, especially within his area of expertize – brain function. ahahahahah

Dr Perlmutter and I running together in Florida

The unfortunate (or fortunate) discovery which can occur while investigating a subject, is that evidence may arise, to change the direction you are headed.

As I continued to broaden my understanding of human physiology and ways to maximize my body’s efficiency, it lead me to an inconvenient possibility.

Pursuing long distance running with this kind of intensity, had the potential of being very detrimental to my long term bodily function. ahahahahahhahha hhahahah hahaahahahaahaahhahahahahahhahaha

Beach Running.001
Exercise, yes – but not excessively

Even though I had recently received a ‘clean bill of health’ according to my VO2Max test, I knew all too well that any signs or symptoms of any damage, may not show until much later in life.

I came across evidence to suggest that accumulated stress from prolonged excessive exercise over time may lead to insulin resistance, in other words – type two diabetes.

When I started to see a very distinct picture emerging of a negative outcome possibly outweighing the positive, I felt left with no other choice than to abandon my current pursuit.


My grandfather winning the danish championship in 1954

My decision to abandon the pursuit of matching my grandfathers time, terminated the movie.

By this time, a trailer intended for use in a fundraising campaign had already been produced.

My grandfather’s best marathon time was 2 hours, 40 minutes and 41 seconds.

The movie was to be called Two Forty, Forty One.

Currently, I’m working to ignite another movie project. It will explore the role of ketones in physical performance, but more so with a focus on the advantage of increased energy in everyday life and the positive impact on longevity.

Click here to watch the trailer for the movie which was to be – Two Forty, Forty One.

I hope you enjoy it.

Featuring Dr David Perlmutter, Dr Heather K Vincent, Dr Kevin R Vincent, Scott Greenberg, UF Health and Olaf Sorensen

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