The Daily Ketone Advantage

“… like operating on five espressos a day without the shakes…..”

“… what Bradley Cooper experiences in the movie Limitless – but with no side effects…..”



 Limitless.001The biggest advantage of having Ketones circulating in your blood stream, is not with physical performance, but more so in how you feel and perform mentally on a daily basis.

My favorite way of describing what being in a state of Ketosis feels like, is by referring to what Bradley Cooper experiences in the movie Limitless – but with no side effects. hahah hahah hahaha hahah 


BrainSugar.001The observation that the brain seems to prefer ketones over sugar, is one made by Dr Dominic D’Agostino.

Dr D’Agostinos findings show that glycogen (sugar) stores are preserved, whenever ketones are present in the blood stream.

My conclusions and statements about ketosis being a superior state for mental clarity are derived from personal experience.


Screen-Shot-2015-02-16-at-19On days, where many hours are spent in front of a computer, I find the mental focus from being in ketosis particularly advantageous.

An ability to maintain a high level of concentration, for hours on end, while staring into a computer screen is of benefit to anyone, who faces this situation on a daily basis.

My own experimentation with extreme low blood sugar and thereby allowing ketones to become the major source of brain fuel, has proven to me several times, the effectiveness of ketosis.

It is like operating on five espressos a day – without the shakes.


3MEALS.001As you become well adapted to this state, it means that ketones will now be produced whenever energy for the brain is required – even if you do not eat.

If the demands of your day requires you to skip a meal or two, the continued high energy flow from being in ketosis, without feeling hungry, is a real practical advantage.

Because our mood often follows energy level, I find it easier to remain positive in the face of daily challenges, which may hahah h     ahahha hahah hahahahaha  hotherwise have brought on a stress response.

Ketosis and Ketones seems to facilitate a more positive attitude and less anxiety.

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