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There isn’t anything that cannot be done better.”

“The two events combined, set me on an almost obsessive exploration…”

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NYC Running.001
Running in New York – photo by Shawn Connell

Living a nomadic life for the last couple of decades, has let me to cross paths with incredible people who has influenced my direction in life.

The desire to travel and explore several corners of the world has allowed me to see and experience what it is like to live in different places.

Obtaining a kindle during my first visit to New York, was a definite advantage to satisfy my inquisitive mind and keep my ever expanding library with me while traveling.

No matter what job or adventure I have been engaged in over the years, my greatest passions to investigate further has remained the true role of food and how to improve my physical performance.

Today, a constant physical challenge and eating well is the foundation of my happiness and contentment in life.


One of the beef cattle bred on my childhood farm

Apparently, I became preoccupied with disproving the fat and cholesterol hypothesis about twenty years ago.

At least this is how my dad recalls why I commenced a daily eating habit of consuming five to six eggs.

Growing up in Denmark on a farm, we grew our own beef cattle as well as vegetables and fruit according to the seasons.

This made eating real food, a very natural part of life.


Mum and dad – non ‘fat phobics’

My parents, thankfully never became ‘fat phobics’ in the eighties as ‘fat phobia’ swept across the world.

We certainly had our fair share of carbohydrates, as rolled oats, potatoes and rye bread made up the stables.

Never can I remember though, being told to limit the sauce on my spuds or the butter and cheese on my toast.

The only kind of milk in our fridge was full fat and cheese was bought in five kilo/ten pound blocks direct from the milk factory.


My grandfather with the Olympic torch in 1952

My grandfather competed in the 1952 Olympic marathon. What he did not have in natural athletic ability, he apparently made up for with an incredible work ethic.

Having an inclination towards a competitive nature, especially when it comes to long distance running, more than likely stems from him.

The stories of his massive training efforts, has always been a huge inspiration to pursue running the way I have and even created a movie opportunity for me.

My favorite quote from him is…

There isn’t anything that cannot be done better.


Luna Sandals.001
Forefoot running in my trusted Luna Sandals

I was introduced to ultra running – distances beyond 42km/26miles and the forefoot running style by my older brother in 2009.

The two events combined, set me on an almost obsessive exploration of physical endurance and has guided me to where I am today.

This path brought me to Mexico in 2011 for a 85km/50mile race, which led me to meet people like Caballo Blanco and the founders of Luna Sandals.


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My grandfather’s inspiration for training effort, a natural running technique and knowledge that others had gone before me in ‘ultra endurance’, taught me more about myself in a few years, than ever before in my life.

Along the way, I discovered the pivotal role of food in relation to running performance and ultimately for my quality of life – in ways I had never imagined.

That I would end up drastically reducing my one true passion – distance running, in light of new found knowledge, was a completely unexpected event.

Metabolic Performance, is a way of sharing what I have learned and continue to discover in my search for optimal bodily function.

This sharing of knowledge, ideas and concepts, which may have the potential to improve our quality life, brings me great personal happiness – welcome to my blog.

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  1. fantastisk læsning , meget inspirerende læsning for en der har kæmpet med vægten hele livet , men tror jeg er på rette vej , er startet på en kost omlægning , der minder en del om det Du skriver om . så håber det vil hjælpe mig venlig hilsen Mac.Kenzie Bodil

    • Hej Bodil, jeg er glad for du har fået noget ud af min blog, jeg er lige ved at lægge sidste hånd på en ny blogpost som bygger på nogle af de eksperimenter mht at faste og den vigtige rolle som den rigtige motion spiller.


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