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“…..I started to understand that a high fat diet, had benefits way beyond physical performance…..”

Ketones, which are made from the fat we eat can be extremely advantageous to our body function”



Grain Braina New York Times bestseller

Shortly after ‘racing on fat’ in June 2013, I started searching extensively for any information I could find on the inner workings of fat metabolism.

One of the first resources I came across was a You Tube video with Dr David Perlmutter.

Because Dr Perlmutter is a Neurologist, the majority of the information had to do with brain and nerve system function on a high fat diet compared to carbohydrates and sugar.

Meeting David & Leize Perlmutter in 2013

Reading his book Grain Brain several times, I started to understand that a high fat diet, had far reaching benefits way beyond just physical performance.

In late 2013 I had the pleasure of meeting David and Leize Perlmutter at their home in Naples, Florida.

The purpose was to interview Dr Perlmutter for a movie project I was involved with.

I talk more about this in Part 7 – A Movie Opportunity.


Why We Get Fat – A New York Times bestseller

Why We Get Fat is written by author Gary Taubes.

A historical chronology about the origin of official nutritional guidelines and what science supposedly backs them up, is the main theme of this book.

The most valuable and practical lesson in this book is an easy to understand explanation regarding the process our body must go through to put on body fat. This is not as simple as eating too much and moving too little.


One of Dr D’Agostino’s interviews on YouTube

Dr Dominic D’Agostino is probably the leading expert on why Ketones, which are made from the fat we eat can be extremely advantageous to our body function.

He particularly concentrates his research around the Ketogenic Diet in relation to cancer and brain function.

The in depth knowledge which Dr D’Agostino has to offer is very interesting, as he is a hands on researcher in his own laboratory at the University of South Florida.


The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Performance

Dr Jeff Volek and Dr Stephen Phinney are two of the pioneering researchers of the Ketogenic diet.

Their attention is not only on sports performance, but even more so on the positive impact Ketones can have on a condition like type two diabetes.

Their book seen here, is a wealth of information on the many advantages a high fat low carbohydrate diet has on body function, it cover topics from performance in sports to longevity.

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